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I’ve been nominated in the 2020 #Noonies, Hacker Noon’s annual awards! 🎉

The Noonies are HackerNoon’s way of recognizing the tech industry’s top writers, thinkers, leaders, and makers (more info here)

What does “Noonies” mean? 🤔

Once an hour every hour, it’s Noon somewhere 🙂 Think Dundies — but for technology. Every year Hackernoon organizes awards called Noonies. Their aim is to reward unappreciated corners of the internet.

There are 200+ Noonies Titles up for grabs this year, across five major categories: technology, decentralization, software development, future heroes, and back to the internet.

Hackernoon 🌟

HackerNoon is a publication having 4,000,000 monthly readers and 12,000+ writers, founders, makers, thinkers, and technologists(including me). The best part is writers can publish free high-quality tech stories — without paywalls, pop-up ads, or a sense of entitlement!


It’s open from 13th Aug 2020 to 12th Oct 2020 ⌛️

Voting doesn’t require a login to their account and just takes a few seconds 😀

How to vote -

  • Click
  • Find my name - Rishi Pithadiya on the list and click on the vote button to the right of my name 🤝
  • Wait for 24 hours and repeat! You can vote once a day per award.
  • If you have Hackernoon account, log in to that account before voting because if you’re not logged in, your vote counts as 1 but if you logged in and vote, your vote counts as 3 🌟 (more info here)
  • And that’s it!

You also can support me by doing the following -

  • Share this blog-post or re-tweet or like this tweet 🔗
  • Share the award page on social media.
You will see a prompt to share after voting so that you can share it.
  • Share, retweet, comment on, like, etc on my Twitter or Linkedin post announcing my nomination.
  • Don’t forget to include hashtags - #Noonies, #Noonies2020, #HackerNoon

I've been publicly nominated for —

About Me!

  • I’m Rishi Pithadiya! I love computers and really enjoy writing code — I’m lucky that I get to do it as my job ☺️
  • I’m coding in ruby on rails from 5+ years mostly in backend. I work on development & support for product-based applications.
  • Apart from coding, I enjoy customizing the my development environment.

I started writing small tips about ruby on rails frequently, and I share them here #RailsTips.